Here are some examples of customized balls, produced in collaboration and at the request of our customers.
Some aim to be perfect for improving professional play, while others have been studied above all from an aesthetic point of view, adding the printed or engraved logo.

Palline calcio balilla nere personalizzate logo

The official ball of the Italian league table football has been designed in yellow color and has a light grip.

Logo licb

Garlando has chosen a heavy professional ball with light grip, orange in color and suitable for hook play.

Logo garlando

An elegant semi-professional black ball was created for Blab's Teckell to which the logo print is then added to accompany their design tables.

Logo teckell

With Norditalia Ricambi we have developed a soft, shiny, light blue semi-professional ball with the logo engraved during production.

Logo nirshop

Roberto Sport's rollerball is a professional ball, with grip and with a screen-printed name.

Logo roberto sport

For Sardi we produce a semi-professional red ball, with grip and logo engraved during the molding phase.

Logo sardi